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Lucy Eckerman

By March 14, 2024 June 11th, 2024 Pet Stories, Uncategorized

Our Devoted Precious Lucy was the world to us. She came to us from where, we do not know. It was the cold winter of 2008 when she appeared in our backyard looking forlorn and hungry, and of course, we fed her and she kept coming back. Then one day she actually came to us and, of course, we began petting her and you know the rest… She came into our home and never left. She was a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat and just a very small little girl. We don’t know what she had been going through out in the cold elements, but she had ringworm on the top of her little ears, therefore, off to the vet we went to have to treated and checked over. In checking, the vet determined she was about 3 years old, and had had at least 2 litters of kittens, so we had her spayed. Her ‘Love’ for us was never ending. Wherever there was a lap, she was curled up. She also would talk to us and what she said, we never knew, but I am sure it was words of love!!! She had a Very good life with us, and was nearly 19 years old and was coming towards the end of her life, and we had to let her go to Rainbow Bridge. It’s been very difficult for us, but we know she’ll never forget us and we will never forget her, either. But know as in the Rainbow Bridge, we will meet again.

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