Stem Cell

Stem cells hold great possibilities for the development of new and breakthrough treatments in the fight against diseases and injuries of animals and humans. Frey Pet Hospital is fortunate to be able to offer this service to help to keep pets healthy and happy. Watch the videos and call or click here to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION TODAY.

Stem cells are powerful healing cells in your pet’s body that can transform into other types of cells. There are millions of adult stem cells in fat tissue, however they are asleep. Working with MediVet Biologics has allowed us to isolate stem cells from your animal’s own (autologous) fat tissue, activate them, and reintroduce them directly into damaged areas. For example, in the case of arthritis, stem cells can become new cartilage cells and have natural anti-inflammatory properties, thus reducing pain and increasing mobility.

Exciting research is indicating that stem cell therapy is also of benefit in patients with kidney disease, allergies, and other inflammatory conditions. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) supports the use of stem cell therapies that have been demonstrated to be safe and effective to treat animal diseases.