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I got Kramer 3 months after my husband, John, was diagnosed with Esophageal cancer in 2011. I thought it would give him a reason to get up every day (and it did), for which I’m grateful. John passed in 2014, but Kramer remained my loyal companion after I lost John. Kramer LOVED to play ball – he was relentless and if I wouldn’t have stopped him, I swear he would play until he fell over from exhaustion. I would make him rest for an hour or so and he would be ready to go again. He looked like a Thoroughbred horse when he ran after that ball. Then one day he wasn’t interested anymore. I would toss it for him and as much as he may have wanted to retrieve it, he just couldn’t. I knew that was the beginning of the end. Then he stopped eating, and on his last day, he wouldn’t drink water. He was a phenomenal dog, and despite the fact that he was a Labrador, he absolutely hated water (except to drink it). He didn’t want to swim, but he would stick his nose in a baby pool full of water as long as it had ice cubes in it! He was goofy, loyal and loveable. He liked to snuggle and give kisses. He will be forever loved, be forever in my heart, and be forever missed. Rest in peace my Sweet Pea. Mama loves you.

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