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Dooley was adopted in 2016 from PAWS animal shelter in Fort Madison. He soon became a valued family member. He soon became my little buddy, not wanting to leave my side. Every time we came home from being away for a little while, we could always receive an enthusiastic welcome home. He eagerly volunteered to taste whatever we were eating, and I confess we could seldom turn him down. Always my little sidekick, I couldn’t leave a room without him following close behind.
He loved his bed in the living room and often lounged around, but not without my being where he could see me. I would get down by his bed and pet him, put my face against his and pamper him. I miss the feel and smell of his soft fur on my face. I get misty-eyed remembering my best friend, but I know he was very sick at the end, and know he is better off now. Rest in peace, friend. We loved having you in the family.

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