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Dolly Sue Butterfield-Johnstone

We took Dolly Sue into our home in February of 2023, we think she was born in July of 2023, which would have made her about 7 months old. She was a mini Jack Russell, she was a very good girl that had a hard life before joining us in our home. Dolly Sue was so full of energy, she loved to play with her toys and she loved going with me anywhere I went, we would go to Walmart and usually I took her everywhere with me, she was my baby girl. She even went on vacation with us to Arkansas, Tenn. and MO last Sept. she had so much fun we even took her on the big wheel and the Arch she went all the way to the top with us. You were more than just a pet, a loving soul we will never forget. We lost this sweet little girl on 12/29/2023, she was my baby. I miss her so much… If love could of saved her she would have lived forever. She was a faithful companion and will always be remembered for the love she left in our hearts, especially mine!!! There is a poem I read and I want to share it with everyone.
Over The “Rainbow Bridge” you went
I always knew you were heaven sent
I cherish our time spent together
Til we meet again…
I love you forever!
Dolly Sue Butterfield-

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