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My sweet Baxter boy. My first dog. Losing him at 7 years old was oh too soon. He got me through so many things – and so many milestones! I found him in 2016 and he was such a spunky Boxer puppy. The memories I have from his puppyhood are oh so cherished. Of course, he never stopped acting like a puppy. He was my best friend, and pal every step of the way as I graduated college, got my dream job, and kept me company during the pandemic. He was there when I bought my first home, and listened to me gush when I came home from my first date where I knew I met “the one.” I will never forget his tippy taps on my hardwood floors, how much he loved tennis balls, and visiting the dog park. How much he loved to run, and bark at squirrels. Most of all I will miss his little tail and whole body wag when I got home from work. He was the best pal, and I will never forget him.

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