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Chief (of the Forest) Miller

Although Chief was only with us a short time, he left a lasting imprint on our hearts. Our grandson was out looking for sticks in our woods to put in the fire pit and came across this very small kitten. He was maybe only 5 weeks old, in a fragile state, and no momma cat or littermates around, so he immediately became a part of the family. Even our lab, Wilson, eventually accepted him! The grandkids named him “Chief of the Forest” or Chief for short, in honor of the woods where he was found and to support our favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Chief was a “sweet and spicy” cat! He craved affection but only on his terms, He was a fighter right from the start. We decided that we would do everything in our power to help him thrive since he found us. Things happen for a reason, and there was a reason he came to us. Chief struggled with his health throughout the short year of his life but thanks to the support and caring hearts of Dr. Preston Ayers and Frey Pet Hospital, he lived life as best as possible. We can’t thank Dr. Ayers enough for not only his expertise but genuine compassion for animals. He is a gifted vet and we are grateful to him for all he did to help Chief, and us. We also want to send a special shout out to Frey Pet Hospital for the memorial donation to plant a tree in the Chippewa National Forest in memory of Chief. This is such a perfect tribute to Chief since he was found in the forest. Chief was our first cat so he will always be remembered in a special way, His quirky personality is greatly missed, especially at night when he curled up next to us. We are so glad he found us! Chief brought us such joy and love in the short time we were honored to care for him. Until we meet again – we love you little Chief of the Forest!

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