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Sadie Prasil-Holcomb

Sadie was a stray kitty about 9 months to a year when she came to us. My son was feeding her and I didn’t know it. I first saw her when I saw my daughter carrying her. She was expecting kittens. We took her in I took care of her and her kittens until we found them homes. We then spayed Sadie and kept her. She was the most beautiful gray cat with green eyes. She had the sweetest demeanor. Believe that she was between 20 and 21 when she cross the rainbow bridge. We think that because her son tiger was adopted by my parents and he passed a year and a half ago at age 18.  She was always by my feet, for some reason she had a thing for being petted by you with your feet. She would look at you with her pretty green eyes and talk to you. She will be missed.

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