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Drake came to me from Dubuque Human Society in Sept of 2005. From the moment I locked his eyes on his BIG green hazel eyes I knew he was special and going to be a very big part of my life.

My oldest son was 1.5 years old and my other son was 6months old. When he came into our lives. He had the biggest personality. Never had an appetite for people food he didn’t eat any other cat food besides his purina.

We had a bad snow storm and we had run out of cat food so we had to settle for a gas station brand bag food. He refused to eat it and wined until the next day when we went to get him his Purina.

He absolutely loved his kids!! Later in his life he became good friends with our dog and those two a swear if they were human acted like brother and sister. They both loved being outside and sniffing the grass after a long rain fall Drakes favorite thing was to drink from the outside bowls.

My fondest memories of Drake were at Christmas Time. He loved the lights and loved peeking at the kids presents underneath the tree he would slightly rip one edge ever so slightly hoping it was his present that he was touching.

Drake was 5 years old when I adopted him and we had him since 2007 that makes Drake 20 years old this year. He was well loved and cared for and we miss him beyond words. There really are angels here on earth he was living proof.

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