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Addie first came to me when she was 7. A woman I knew rehomed her because her boyfriend got mad that Addie liked to sleep in the bed. She hid from me the first couple of days, but when she finally came out, I promised her I’d love her, and that I would be her forever home. She used to wake me up at 4:30 every morning to get fed, as was her routine (then we learned that sleeping is cool and 7:30 was a better time to eat). I remember one of the first times she crawled up into my lap and put her little paws around me, like she was giving me a hug. Every day I would come home for lunch, and she’d take off running for the bed, because nap time. She was with me when I bought my first house, first furniture set, met my now husband (which didn’t go over well, she didn’t share). She would make pancakes on my head every night when I was sleeping, and lay on my head, face, or neck. I actually couldn’t sleep with out her for a long time. Addie would follow me everywhere, and stick her paws under the door if ever it was closed, because how dare I distance myself from her. She’d steal food off my plate if I got up to go to the bathroom, and my husband learned the hard way you can’t attempt discipline with cats, because they simply don’t like your tone- she left him a few surprises on his pillow. Every time I think about it, I laugh so hard I cry. A very calico thing to do. As any cat, addie loves treats, pumpkin in particular. She liked to chase lasers and lights, and would hide under the covers. I once scooped up the whole bed set to put in the wash, and threw it over my shoulder. You can imagine my surprise when a cat jumped out of the washer at me. Dresser drawers were another story. She was always getting into something. For the 6 years that I had her, I loved watching her come out of her shell. She became very vocal, and would yell at me just to remind me she was there. She was my little shadow, and my very best friend. I’ve had a lot of cats in my life, but none will ever hold a piece of my heart the way Addie has.

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