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  Carlee was the first dog that my husband and I had. We found her on Craigslist and brought her home when she was 11 months old. She was so special and so unique in so many ways. She was a 100 lb Rottweiler, but was scared of things like empty boxes and hardwood floors. She brought so much joy to our family. There was never a person that she met that she didn’t instantly fall in love with. She loved to step on everyone’s toes and even though she was big, she thought she needed to sit on you. She loved to lick everyone and present her butt to them so she could get some butt scratches. When Carlee was 4, she had ACL surgery on both of her back legs within 3 weeks of each other. We are so thankful for Dr. Steen’s excellent work on her legs, post recovery you would never know that she had any issues with either leg. Despite being cut open, Carlee loved every trip she took to Frey Pet Hospital, and we are all so thankful for all the kindness and love that you provided her. There’s not a day that we don’t miss her or think about her, but we are so thankful for the amazing years we got with her. She was one of a kind.

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