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My precious Snookie was a rescue puppy at 10 weeks old. She was taken by my husband a I from my daughter who was abusive toward her. She left the puppy without food, water or human company locked away in a dark bedroom all day. The puppy was covered in urine, feces and fleas. She was also cut up over her paws and body from being left to fend for herself. We took her from her horror and gave her a home of love she never had. She became very spoiled and loved by everyone who met her. She was the kindest, most loveable little pitbull you could ever have met. We trained her as a service animal for the deaf as I am hard of hearing. Every time we went to Country Kitchen to eat, the girls would give her treats and love up on her. We raised Snookie like a very spoiled child. We gave her everything and anything her heart desired. She will be so great missed by all of us. She was our little 😇!

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