Zeus was a beautiful soul and sadly we had to say goodbye to this young boy way too soon. He suffered from lymphoma which advanced quite quickly. We were not prepared to say goodbye to him at seven years of age. From day one we knew Zeus as our real life Scooby Doo. He was a loyal companion and although was over 60 pounds, he thought he was a lapdog and wanted to cuddle all the time. He was a professional stealth kisser and would kiss anyone he walked by. He was an active, playful boy who was always up for playing fetch, however his game of fetch required us to chase him around to try to get the toy from him. Obviously this was not our idea of fetch, but it was fun for him. He loved children very much and always wanted to be around them. Whenever we had sleepovers for our kids, Zeus was always there to keep the girls company. He wanted to be where we were all the time. He loved his human grandparents so much. Specifically his grandpa’s… but of course they let him climb all over them and kissed them 1 million times every time they came over. And that was exactly what Zeus loved to do. He was a well mannered boy who everyone loved. He will be missed by us forever. Rest in peace sweet boy.

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