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  Zippy came to me when I needed him the most . I was going through the first part of my divorce , and my mother’s the groomer asked if I wanted to see her new puppies ? I said sure – and she handed me this tiny , tiny bundle of fur . He snuggled up to me , just under my chin. From that moment I was in LOVE . Then she said – ” but he is spoken for , if you want I can call you if the deal falls through . ” Thank God , the deal went south , because he became Mine , and I became HIS ! He was my best friend for the last 15 years . He had the sweetest disposition . Always kind hearted and sweet . Loved to give kisses and sit in the crook of my arm . He loved to watch TV, and sleep close to his Uncle Crackers . He was a Angel with four paws ! And will be missed so very much !

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