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Bella Arentson

By August 2, 2021 August 18th, 2021 Pet Stories

Bella came into our lives in May of 2018. She loved walks, car rides, running, play wrestling, and meeting new people. Always loving and protective of her family, she was the best “Nanny” dog to our kids. Her two favorite spots were curled up in the sun on the deck or anywhere next to her people, where she could get lots of pets, snuggles, and treats. She definitely thought she was a lap dog! She was very empathic and always knew who was having a rough day and needed extra snuggles. In her last months, when it became harder and harder for her to get around, she would curl up on her favorite bed in the office, right by her dad’s feet. Bella was a wonderful part of our family, and she will be greatly missed by us all.

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