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In 2011 my neighbor brought home two little dogs that had been left in a house after the people moved away, that was my introduction to Zoey, I took her home with me. She was very shy and afraid at first but eventually warmed up to me and knew she was home, from that day on Zoey was a part of our family. She was quite the character, every time I turned the oven on she would head for the bedroom, go under the bed and wait until dinner was served. Her favorite toy was a stuffed strawberry, her eyes always lit up whenever I’d ask her to find the strawberry. She was always first to the door to greet me with such total excitement and joy. She always knew when it was bedtime, she would jump up on the bed and wait patiently for her biscuit. Zoey brought so much joy to my life during our ten years together, it’s very hard to realize life without her.

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