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We got Yager when I was in 1st grade, he was in the newspaper and had been rescued and sent to a shelter. My sister’s father had gotten him for us. When my sister walked to my school to pick me up she had him with her on a chain. Unfortunately it wasn’t tight enough and before I could even spend time with him he had gotten loose. I remember me and my sister chasing him at a young age and some people in a van had told us to get in and that they’d help us. I don’t know why but we trusted them and they helped us get him back cause he used to run so fast! When we got him back into our house he would sit in the corner and it took a while before he got used to us and finally broke his shell. He definitely gave me the perfect childhood and had an amazing personality. Owning a dog is probably the best thing to have happened to me and Yager was my perfect fit, you wouldn’t find me without him by my side putting beaded necklaces on him and having him try on my crown. He stayed so young and lively up till the end, though we could see him unable to hold himself up as well and constantly falling. I’m so grateful to have gotten the chance to take care of my best friend through all 10 years with him. He showed me love, loyalty, and even rebellion as he definitely enjoyed running off and being chased. Thank you, Yager, for everything you did for me and for all the memories we shared. You live on in our hearts forever.

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