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Tsunade Melver

By July 14, 2020 Pet Stories

We got Nade out of the John Deere Swapsheet back in 2008 there was a listing for a 6 month old female miniature Dachshund I really wanted a dog and my husband (boyfriend at the time) lived where we could finally get one so we went and picked her up and I knew she was mine the moment she crawled into my lap. We were instant soul mates, and have been for 12 amazing years. We later found out she was from a puppy mill, when we found this out that is when we referred to her as a rescue since that is definitely what we did was rescued her. She came to us with her tail broken in 2 spots and she had separation anxiety so bad she also had lost most of the fur on her tummy and chest. She was a mommas girl but loved her daddy so much too. Her name comes from the Anime Naurto after the city leader character Princess Tsunade and boy did she live up to her name she was spoiled rotten and had an attitude! She will be greatly missed! She is survived by her mommy, daddy and younger sister Miley who will be 11 yrs old on 7/27/20.

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