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Picasso Wagner

By May 28, 2020 Pet Stories
Picasso always put a smile on our faces…from when our niece Hannah followed him around the house with his bed and kept saying “you sleep here” until he finally gave in and slept there (first time after a year of having the bed). Grandson chasing him around the house yelling “cat” over and over again until he found him, and another grandson who never failed to give him a scratch on the head when he walked by and who lovingly took care of him while we were out of town. Though he wasn’t a fan of visiting the Pet Hospital, he still made everyone smile, no matter how grouchy he was. Picasso loved his pink and yellow balls (2 of which he hid and we’ve never found), his bed, his wrestling socks, the sun, paper bags, and most of snuggling with mom after a long day and bringing her comfort when she needed it. He was greatly loved and will be greatly missed. Be at peace sweet baby, and enjoy the angels…I know they’ll enjoy you.

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