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Nala Petrik

By November 25, 2019 August 15th, 2022 Pet Stories
I had a very tough start in life, until the Lord sent my Dad, Rick. He rescued me up at the pound it was 93 deg. and so hot. He brought me to a lovely house with a huge kennel and yard to play in. Where my Mom was waiting with so much love and compassion. She had a bed, my food bowl, and water bucket ready just for me! I was so scared of being beaten when my new Mom would raise her hand to get a dish out of the cupboard. I would run down the hall screaming even though they did not touch me. To my surprise they were there to love, cherish and care for me. They took me to Dr. Ayers and he loved and cared for me too. His helpers I loved so much and they were so good to me. Dr. made sure I had all my shots and was healthy. Mom and Dad did every thing for me. We went on rides every other day, sometimes for ice cream, we went to the dog park where I ran and ran. I saw so many cousins it was so fun to visit. After I had been there a couple years they even got a sister for me, her name was Layla, we had a blast together. She had Dr. Ayers too. She died of cancer last year and I literally cried too. But like every one, we age and at 11 1/2 I am very old and tired for a half Rott and Coonhound. Mom and Dad did everything in their power to make me as happy and comfortable as possible until the end. Mom was with me around the clock 24/7. Finally I met God and Layla at the rainbow bridge because Mom prayed and prayed for me. Making sure I didn’t get lost going home. I know Mom and Dad’s hearts are crushed and broken but in time God will heal their hearts. I just want to Thank every one who truly loved me and cared for me. Words, kisses and barks can never express my gratitude for us “forgotten fur babies”. Bye for now, some day I will meet you again on the other side. Thanks Mom and Dad I love you so much, be strong. God loves you too until I see you again hugs and kisses.

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