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Wrigley Poshusta

By September 16, 2019 Pet Stories

You hear the term “the best dog ever” thrown around a lot around animal lovers, but Wrigley truly was the best dog ever. He was our family dog, our neighborhood dog, our camping dog, our everything dog. He was a lover of all and managed to make friends wherever we went. Loyal, loving, smart and well behaved (most of the time). Wrigley was our companion for 13 years and in those years he did most everything with us. Wrigley welcomed our babies home from the hospital and protected them like his own. He was amazingly patient with grabbing hands and climbing little boys. He has helped train neighbor and friends dogs. He has helped us and contributed to our lives in more ways than we ever realized. This is for The Best Dog Ever! We love you Wrigley-dog and miss you every day.

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