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Daisy McPheron

By February 4, 2019 Pet Stories

We adopted Daisy when she was about 5/6. She had a really hard life before us. Was ran over by a car mistreated and generally not loved. The person who we got her from didn’t do the abuse but could no longer care for her. So we took her into our home. Instantly she was one of the family she had an immediate bond with me. Always with me and if she could not find me she would sniff around and follow my boot smell and find me. Even with all her years of abuse. She never showed anything but love. She just wanted to be loved. She would sit for hours just snuggled up just to feel you touch her. She loved all dogs and our kids and she would paw your leg when she really wanted attention. She used to be able to give hugs. All you would have to do is Pat your legs and she would jump up and higher your knees. We had her and she was spoiled for 6 years. So we gave her a longer and better life than she had. I just hope she was able to forget about her past.

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