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Miss Jasmine

By December 5, 2018 Pet Stories

My little Jazzydobug was 3 yrs old. She (we) fought seizures for 2 yrs. She was my little shadow, she was always under my feet and by my side. The best little girl anyone could ask for. She was my protector and consoler. She started out a sassy little girl but the seizures and meds changed her. She was a very determined little girl and knew how to get what she wanted lol; she had a way of talking to you that would get you up right now–lol and do what she wanted. She was the best little snuggle bug. She lay above my head every night. There was no missing those night seizures! She was my little heater for when I was cold. And a fierce, forceful little licker! There was no doubting she loved you! She kept us all on our toes. She really showed me unconditional love! I am so lost without her. The loss of her has been devastating for us all. Love that baby girl to eternity and back!

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