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Orthos Young

By April 2, 2018 Pet Stories

Orthos was a unique fellow… I ran across him at an adoption fair at Petco in 2003… someone had returned him because he ATE THEIR COMFORTER after having him for 8 months!!! He had not been worked with.. couldn’t even walk on a leash!! He was a people person and loved to be included. Unfortunately after 17 years he developed degenerative myelopathy and gradually lost use of his back legs… The staff at Freys was more than willing to work with us to try different protocols. I can never express my appreciation enough for your care and concern. Toward his later days we dealt with Dr Ayers. His professionalism and knowledge of animals and the situation was exceptional. I very much appreciated the knowledge and ideas shared…thank you. Orthos will be very much missed… In memory of Orthos Young 08/28/2017

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