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Starrlyte Anderson

By June 19, 2017 January 22nd, 2018 Pet Stories

Starrlyte and her brother (Tazzee) became a part of my family when they were 2 months old. I have always been partial to calico colored cats, so it wasn’t hard to decide to take her home. She wasn’t as cuddly as her brother was, but she came around whenever she felt that she wanted some one-on-one time. She always slept at the foot of my bed, not usually at the head of it, but last year when I lost my Mom, Starrlyte was right there at the head of my bed sleeping with me for many nights. My favorite story of her is that she used to come into the shower and drink the warm water before I could start my shower. I always had to watch her, as she would drink it with soap in it too (she didn’t care). 🙂 She will be dearly missed, as I haven’t ate supper, used the restroom, or slept in my bed alone in over 15 years. This is taking some getting used to. Starrlyte Anderson 04/28/2017

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