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Penny Schumacher

By December 15, 2015 Pet Stories

Growing up I never really experienced the passing of a beloved pet. Sure we had pets – dog, cat, horse, and even ducks….but not one that I really bonded with as I have over the past 10 years. It comes with a heavy heart we say goodbye to our beloved Vizsla, Penny. Reflecting it has been one of the greatest experiences in raising a canine – from a pup, thru obedience and field training, hunting behind, and building a great human/canine bond. I remember a placard we received years ago: “All dogs are pets, but Vizslas are family.” Penny had special connections with all of us; at home she was one of the family, but in the field she was always my servant leader. It has really made the process of letting go so hard. My fondest memories will always be in the field. Our hunts typically started with her in her favorite spot – shotgun of course, exuberant knowing she was taking me hunting. I never cared if we actually found birds and sometimes didn’t even load my gun. But, it was always great to go on the adventure she’d lead us toward and extra special when she got the opportunity to go on point. She’d give me a special little look back “are you ready” and then I’d release – “gett’em up”. This became the standing game we‘d all play at home when birds, squirrels, or rabbits came to ‘play’ too. But, these last 3 months have been her hardest hunt of all against – cancer. Penny will truly be missed as she holds a piece of her in all of our hearts.                -Penny Schumacher, 12/11/2015


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