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17 Frey Pet Hospital
 13 Exercise Area
Our completely fenced in exercise area.
 34  Lobby
Our lobby is one of the biggest and most positive changes our clients will be able to enjoy upon arriving for their pet’s visit.
 32 Another view
Not only is it much, much larger to accommodate our growing client base, but it offers separate feline and canine waiting areas to reduce the amount of stress that your pet may endure during his/her visit.
 36 Retail Area
Our lobby is also complete with a retail area for your pet’s needs, and a refreshment bar with a variety of coffee, juice, and water to make your wait more enjoyable.
 02 Children’s Area
Our children’s play area allows for a pleasant, fun area for your child to relax during your visit. The camera in the corner can be displayed in exam rooms if you wish to observe your children during your appointment.
 30 Pharmacy
Our fully stocked pharmacy is complete with a wide variety of medications for your pet’s health needs. Whether your pet needs medications for an isolated occurrence or a refill to control a lifelong health issue, our pharmacy technician is here filling prescriptions throughout the day. We also offer handouts on medications upon request to give you more info and a better understanding of the medication you are giving to your pet. Our pharmacy area also has several data entry kiosks to give our staff easier access to your pet’s information allowing us to get your medications dispensed to you faster and more efficiently.
 43 Treatment Area
The open layout of our treatment area (with surrounding satellite suites) is designed for our staff to work more efficiently and is fully stocked with supplies needed to care for routine and emergency visits.
 44 Treatment Tables
Complete with 2 treatment tables, numerous oxygen outlets, a small scale and a large elevated scale (which can also be used as an additional treatment table), we have more space to provide faster and more efficient care for your pet.
 10 Canine Ward
Our new facility offers separate wards for our canine and feline companions, and offers larger “run” type kennels for larger canines.
 25 Large Runs
By having separate wards, this allows pets to have a more enjoyable experience by being in a quieter environment away from noise and stress of more vocal pets.
 22 Recovery Room
Our treatment area also has an adjacent Intensive Care Unit with a beach area for our hospitalized and surgery patients, allowing us to have constant supervision during their recovery and stay.
 23 Isolation Unit
Frey pet hospital’s clinic and team members are always prepared for unexpected events such as contagious diseases and illnesses. Our isolation unit is designed to house these pets for their hospitalization stay. Locating the isolation near one of our exits prevents disease from being carried throughout the hospital. Our isolation unit also has its own air zone and is filtered separately from the rest of the hospital, making it safe for our staff to effectively care for your pet without exposing other pets being cared for in our hospital.
 40 Surgery Prep
Surgery Prep Area- instruments and garments are cleaned, sterilized, and re-packed for use.
 41 Surgery Suite
Our surgical suite offers the latest technologies to improve your pet’s health care. One of our most exciting and revolutionary additions is offering laparoscopic surgeries. Another update is our new wireless anesthesia monitoring system which displays all of your pet’s vitals on a large flat screen monitor for easier monitoring and viewing capabilities. With a larger space and state of the art equipment, we have the capability to perform multiple surgeries at the same time with ease, and ensure your pet’s health and safety.
 42 Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopy utilizes a tiny camera passed through a small incision (less than 3/4 of an inch) allowing us to perform surgeries such as spays, removing retained testicles, abdominal exploratory, and biopsies in the most technologically advanced way possible. Because using a laparoscope requires a much smaller incision, it makes the surgery less invasive and less painful! For more information, please visit our laparoscopic page.
 46 X-ray Suite
The biggest change to our radiology department is our conversion to digital x-ray. We are finding that the positives with digital x-ray go way beyond just viewing them on our computers. With digital x-ray, we have the capabilities to adjust the image parameters, allowing us to zoom in for a closer look on areas of concern, darken or lighten the image, or compare multiple images next to each other.
 pelvis_slideshow Digital X-ray
We can also view these images on any computer in our hospital, email them, or put them on a CD to take with you. Being able to alter the image after taking it allows us to limit the exposure of radiation to staff and patients with less of a need to re-take images due to poor quality. With clearer, sharper images, our doctors can spot more subtle lesions and diagnose problems more quickly and accurately.
 38 Special Procedure Room
One thing that sets Frey Pet Hospital apart from other veterinary clinics is our variety of special procedures that we perform. Diagnostic ultrasound and chemotherapy are just a few that we offer. With ultrasound, we are able to perform ultrasound guided biopsies, echocardiograms, and can diagnose health problems in pets that are in the most delicate condition without side effects, surgery or exposure to radiation. We often send ultrasound images to specialists for either confirmation or further diagnosis and treatment options.
 09 Dental Suite
Poor dental hygiene can lead to lifelong health issues other than bad breath and loss of teeth. At Frey Pet Hospital, we strongly believe oral health is an important key to your pet living a happy, healthy, and longer life. We have designed a dental suite to accommodate the numerous dental procedures we perform on a daily basis. Complete with a new dental ultrasonic scaling and polishing unit, digital dental x-ray, an anesthetic monitor to monitor your pet’s vitals while under anesthesia, and a wide variety of sterilized instruments to help us maintain your pet’s oral health. If your pet is here for tooth extractions or just a routine cleaning, we can assure you that your pet will leave here with a new and improved smile that will keep your pet healthy for longer.
 20 Lab
99% of the lab work run at Frey Pet Hospital is run in-house allowing for results in just minutes. This means less waiting time for you and your pet. Our diagnostic computers give us the capability to diagnose health problems with less than a teaspoon of blood or urine. With this small amount, our doctors are able to see how well your pet’s organs and body are functioning. And because we do most of our lab work here, we are able to treat your pet quicker, and get them home sooner. This also allows us to do routine lab work to give you peace of mind that your pet is healthy to either continue certain medications or to undergo anesthesia. We also perform a wide variety of skin and ear tests, along with intestinal parasite screenings. All of these tests can be performed in minutes during your pet’s appointments.
 08 Tub
Our custom built tub makes giving clean up baths easy. Large dogs can easily walk up the stairs.
 26 Doctor’s Office
 27 Doctor’s Office
Another view of the doctor’s office that attaches to Dr. Steen’s office.
 31 Dr. Steen’s Office
 39 Staff Lounge
Staff break room and lounge area.
 28 Large Exam Room
Our large exam room gives a family with multiple dogs plenty of room move and the long, spacious bench seat can seat the whole family!
 45 Exam Room
One of our regular size exam rooms.
 11 Exam Markers
Each of our seven exam rooms are clearly marked.
 12 Exam Art
A different picture, such as this one in room 3, is in each of the exam rooms. Below each picture is a plaque that tells a little bit about each picture. The photos have been taken by Thomas Mangelsen.
 35 Reflective Garden
Our Comfort Room also extends outside to a private garden area for those who wish to spend this time in an outdoor environment.
 05 Comfort Room
We understand that losing a pet is difficult. Our Comfort Room is designed to give your pet, family, and you a more private and comfortable experience during this emotional time. Your pet is an irreplaceable member of your family. Our team at Frey Pet Hospital wants to make saying goodbye a more peaceful experience for you and your pet.
 2013 Mezzanine
The mezzanine above our hospital houses seven energy recovery systems designed to make the building exceedingly energy efficient. Frey Pet Hospital has a unique zoning system that mitigates any air transfer from one zone to another. In this manner, sensitive animals enjoy their own HVAC systems with independent temperature, humidity control, and air filtration.
 Yard-Pic Exercise Area
There is always room for improvement in the way we care for our patients, and the installation of our field turf for our exercise area is the latest. No more muddy or grassy feet for our patients! Our synthetic grass provides and environment free of pests such as fleas and ticks, helping prevent the spread of disease. With special technology the odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste are eliminated. Allowing your pet to have a cleaner environment when they are with us