Buddy was a miniature poodle born in May 2008. Bringing him home that first time, he cried in the carrier. Thus Bob held held him in the palm of his hand for the rest of the trip. He never did enjoy riding in the car like most dogs do. He loved to run back and forth along our fence with the neighbor’s dog. I miss seeing him run across the yard with his ears flopping so joyfully. He also loved to go on long walks and smell all the new smells. Buddy always met us when we or guests came to the door carrying his “Mr Rabbie”. But he wasn’t a social dog and after he greeted the guests, he would not let them pet him. Buddy also didn’t like other dogs. He tolerated our cat. About 5 or 6 years ago we discovered he had diabetes. Because of that he developed cataracts and eventually was completely blind. He got around pretty well but stopped his running across the yard. No more did he bark at people he saw walking by the house from our front window or want to go out of our yard to take a walk. I think those strange smells now frightened him. Buddy did start to let other people pet him, he couldn’t see who it was, We did chuckle when he would bark looking the wrong way. He found his way through the house by bumping his nose until he knew where he was. Buddy was a good, loyal and loving dog to us for 13 years who brought us much joy and laughter. He will be greatly missed.
I especially want to thank Dr Heather Kingus and the wonderful staff at Frey Pet Hospital for all the tender loving care they gave to Buddy.

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