Agent was born May 13th, 2001. He was nearly 20 years old at passing. He was a sweet big boy. He was a blonde Maine Coon, he got up to 17 pounds at his prime. He lived with female cats all his life and treated them sweet. He loved to sleep on my pillow at night when he was younger,
As he aged he loved sleeping in his kitty circle nest between us at night. He lost his hearing some time ago and so in the night he would wake up and Meow loudly to wake us up to give him something to eat. He had cancer, kidney failure and arthritis. Agent loved sleeping in the climber in the living room and looking out the window from the climber also. Agent was loved by the girl felines in the house.  Shadow would bathe Agent and he would bathe her.  The same with Fluffie and Inky. Fluffie and Agent were best best buddies. GOD rest your heart sweet precious AGENT. Thank you to Frey Pet Hospital for the loving care you give to any and all pets who enter your door.🐈❤

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