Angel Griffith

By January 19, 2020 Pet Stories
On October 1, 2005 I started fostering a tiny little yorkie puppy that a breeder surrendered to our rescue. After taking care of her for a week I knew I would never let her go. She was a very introverted girl and stayed that way until the end. I found out she had pancreatitis on April 2, 1019. That explained so many things that had been happening to her. She never did like her low fat diet so I tried so many different things to get her to eat. In August of 2019 she had a setback for a few days and then bounced back which gave me 5 more months to love her. This time she was down so much weight and would not eat at all. On the 4th day we drove to the Casey’s and she and I experienced the joy of her eating so much vanilla ice cream. That gave me a wonderful last memory. She couldn’t get enough. She will be missed more than I could ever explain. The places she loved to lay, with a blanket covering her, are a reminder of what I have lost. I’ll see you again Angel and you will be whole and happy.

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