Shorty Ware

By April 4, 2019 Pet Stories

Shorty was born in Keota, IA on May 29, 2008. She came to live with me when she was about 4 months old, the last of her litter to find a home. She was always an easy going pup, easily potty trained, and great with all ages of people. Her only fault…she loved chewing on my heels! However, she did quickly get over that. Shorty traveled far and wide with me, she was my roll dog. Many of my friends got to experience her sneezes in their face…it made her all the more endearing. Besides riding in the car, Shorty enjoyed SHORT walks…her name became even more appropriate as time went on. Shorty had many friends throughout the years, first Buzz the Rottweiler, then Lola the Terrorist. Her first “boyfriend” was Carter the Great Dane. Then, she had a brother for the last 3.5 years, Samson the Great Dane. Shorty lived a great life and she is remembered and loved by many. Love you Shorty.

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