Odessa Sherman

By September 20, 2018 Pet Stories

Odessa was born on April 20, 2005, born in Britt, MN. She was a black German Shepherd. She joined a 2 year old dog sister, a black and tan German Shepherd Inga and a 4 year old brother Alex and 2 year old sister Abigail. The next year she was joined by a new baby brother, Ayden. An in 2007, a rescue shepherd named Diego. Odessa had a huge heart and would always look after her two-footed siblings. Even when we have guests with young children she would take a spot close to the child – just to keep watch. She was a constant companion for our family; never failing to bark welcome home. The silence is so very sad. Odessa was so very special to us and dearly missed. She can now run without restriction. She will always have a place in our hearts. Love you family.

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