Zoe Udelhoven

By June 22, 2018 Pet Stories

Zoe was born 9/11/2008. Zoe was our family’s first dog and real pet besides fish. We lucked out with her as she was perfect for us. The day we went to pick out our pup, we saw her just sitting calmly in the back of all the other puppies. We knew she was the one at that moment. She was playful, cuddly, rarely ever shed, and was overall just a great little dog. Zoe was a Cavenese (1/2 Cavalier spaniel, 1/2 Havenese). She was always excited to see us and it was one of those moments where you couldn’t wait to come home to see that little wagging tail at the door! That is one of the things we miss most. She hated thunderstorms and always needed to be by “her people” as our family would phrase it. She was the queen of our family and sat on her throne….. atop the couch. She loved barking at the “fat squirrels” in our backyard as well as the birds. She loved walks and especially car rides. In the summer of 2017, we got her diagnosis of CHF as well as a few other minor health issues. We knew at that moment we had to enjoy every moment we had with her as we did not know when the time would come. We knew she was starting to suffer a little towards the end but she was a trooper and fought. She would reassure us with lots of kisses and cuddles. We definitely enjoyed every minute of her company. She was the most amazing pup ever and will always have a very special place in our hearts as a member of our family. Zoe lived a full and spoiled life of 10 wonderful years. Years truly filled with love and devotion to her. A piece of our hearts was taken the day she left us, but we were grateful she passed at home on her favorite stair. Our family wants to thank Frey Pet Hospital for always taking care of our girl like family and especially being there for us at the end. We love you Zoe Rose, thanks for being the perfect piece to our family 

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