Storm Mohr

By April 2, 2018 Pet Stories


My Storm was not over a year old when he passed away. And not a day goes by that I don’t remember or miss him. I remember when we first got him, he was so scared that he would only stay in my room and under my bed. But as time went by he learned to not be so afraid of something. I remember when it was spring and when he was able to sit in the window for the first time. He was so excited and started running back and forth, with his tongue slightly sticking out. It was then that I truly realized he was my baby and my whole world since I do the same thing when I’m concentrating on something. It was so cute and adorable. I remember when we first got him that he would lay in my arms, or well my hand because he was that tiny. Over time he got bigger, but that wouldn’t stop him from wanting to cuddle with his mommy. Up until the end, every night when I would go to bed he would follow me in there and after I got situated he would jump up and lay on my chest for a least a half an hour and then leave. I think he wanted to know that I was safe and wanted to cuddle with me. Sometimes when I would wake up in the morning he’d be laying at end of my bed. Or other times when I’d go out the back to do to either do something out there or take the garbage out, he would meow constantly and wait for me to come inside. Which drove my mom nuts at times, but she loved him and all his little quirks. We all love and miss him so terribly, especially me. I think I always will miss him. He’s gone too soon, I believe. It still hurts, but it’s slowly getting easier. And over time I feel like I will be able to move on. But nothing will ever replace him. He was a special cat and I loved him so much. When I eventually get another cat, I will tell them all about their big brother and how much of an impact he had on all of us.

We love and miss you, Stormy. In memory of Storm 11/29/2017   

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